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In this series, I’ve created oil paintings on canvas that depict a city that is made up of big, grey, blocky shapes, and sometimes, you’ll find pale, lonely, and disconnected people in it. The city stands in full contrast to the vibrant, detailed, and organic natural world beyond its borders, with its deep blue skies.

My creative process begins with me walking around in the real world, sketching, and taking quick notes. Then, I take these observations back to my studio, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. This distance in both space and time allows me to blend the lifeless urban scenes with my imagination, which is influenced by my state of mind and the state of society around me.

A Road at night. oil on canvas. 150×100cm. 2022
The Last Stand. oil on canvas. 120×170cm. 2021
Your Dream. oil on canvas. 80×120cm. 2022
Do not Look Back. oil on canvas. 120×170cm. 2022
A Land Scape for an Old Friend. oil on canvas. 80×120cm. 2021
A Sun to See. oil on canvas. 50×100cm. 2021
Fly! No Matter Where… . oil on canvas. 50×50cm. 2021
A Big Rock in the distance. oil on canvas. 70×50cm. 2021
Maybe One Day. oil on canvas. 50×50cm. 2022
Untitled. Oil on canvas. 80×115cm. 2019
Untitled. Oil on canvas. 95×75cm. 2019
Untitled. oil on canvas. 40×40cm. 2020
The Bad year. oil on canvas. 50×50cm. 2021
Untitled. Oil on canvas. 60*50cm. 2020

Untitled. Oil on canvas. 100*100 cm.2020
Another place. oil on canvas. 50×70cm. 2021
Look at the Sky. oil on canvas. 110×70cm. 2021

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